Performance Defense, NineTwelve Institute Announce 5G-Enabled, Mission Critical Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway Ready for Certification

Proven Communications Solution is Designed and Hardened to Meet Strict Requirements of Aerospace and Defense, Manufacturing, and Power Grids

Performance Defense, a trusted engineering services and solutions provider for safety and mission critical industries, and the NineTwelve Institute, a full-suite software and 5G rapid development provider, announced today the release of a 5G-enabled, Mission Critical Internet of Things (IoT) gateway. This certifiable gateway, will allow a variety of mission critical industries and the Department of Defense to rapidly enable 5G and IoT amongst its devices and infrastructure unlocking revolutionary data and connectivity promised in the “fourth industrial revolution.”

Mission Critical IoT applies to many markets, all of which have different needs. For example:

* For defense and military applications, IoT is creating an intelligent warfighting network by connecting and exchanging data between aircraft, weapons systems, ground vehicles and even troops;

* For manufacturing and logistics, IoT is enabling smart warehouses; and

* For aviation, big data gathered for IoT enabled sensors are providing greater efficiencies and less downtime for aircraft fleets.

“For Mission Critical IoT to become successful, solutions must have a foundation that includes the highest level of security, high-performance computing and connectivity,” said Darren Cummings, President and chief owner of Performance Defense. “Most importantly, this all must be developed with the highest level of quality and safety to meet industry standards. At Performance Defense, we are extremely vigilant of the supply chain to ensure our IoT solution can be trusted and certified and that adopters can be assured with hardware and be confident in the software.”

The gateway will help organizations to adopt Mission Critical IoT safely, quickly, and efficiently by providing security, high-performance computing, connectivity and trusted and certified solutions that are made in the United States.

“We are happy to partner with Performance Defense and to provide the 5G antenna that makes this gateway possible,” said Sean Hendrix, Executive Director of the Indiana 5G Zone and Chief Technology Officer at the NineTwelve Institute. “We are proud to be helping Performance Defense make Mission Critical IoT a reality through a tool thoroughly tested in our unique 5G laboratory.”

The Mission Critical IoT gateway is a made-in-the-USA, secure communications solution that enables a wide array of connectivity and data storage solutions. Powered with an ARM Cortex-A53 quad core CPU architecture, it enables hardware partitioned access and the flexibility for the most demanding applications. The gateway supports high-speed wired, WiFi, cellular and Bluetooth communications as well as high speed storage needs. Further, the gateway enables integration with another custom hardware board (e.g., satellite communications).

The gateway is available today.

“Adopting IoT and 5G is not an easy task and requires extensive experience. Our proven Mission Critical IoT gateway is uniquely positioned to help our customers realize their goals,” added Cummings. “By leveraging our IoT gateway solution, we help our customers accelerate their time to market, achieve lower overall total cost and lower unit cost.”

Performance Defense and NineTwelve Institute will be debuting its Mission Critical IoT gateway at the Indiana 5G Zone’s Virtual April Tech Talk Event. The virtual event will take place on April 28, 2021 at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT.

Register for the event here:

About Performance Defense

Performance Defense is a trusted engineering services and solutions provider for safety and mission critical industries. It’s deep knowledge and experience of government and mission critical systems positions itself as a prime developer and integrator for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities. For more information, please visit,, email, or call 623-780-7517.

About NineTwelve Institute

NineTwelve, the parent of the Indiana 5G Zone and NineTwelve Convergence, teams industries, governments, and academia to meet critical technology needs. Its unique collaboration platform accelerates the design and implementation of emergent solutions by bringing together the key elements of innovation: collaboration, prototyping and experimentation. By creating these cross-sectoral collaboration networks that design and deliver groundbreaking solutions, NineTwelve focuses on emergent technologies such as 5G, advanced manufacturing, and trusted microelectronics. Learn more:

About Indiana 5G Zone:

The Indiana 5G Zone is one of many NineTwelve initiatives, advancing the transformation of physical industries by powering smart cities, intelligent logistics and advanced manufacturing. The testbed is a state-based public-private partnership, the first in the U.S. to enable government, business, and academia to design and commercialize groundbreaking testbed offerings with immediate practical; is a mission critical partner solving the challenges of DevOps; and revolutionizes the speed at which products get to market by de-risking investment and time. For more information visit:

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