New Energy INsights Program, in Partnership with IEDC and AWS, to Reduce Energy Costs for Indiana Manufacturers

Energy Systems Network (ESN) and the Emerging Manufacturing Collaboration Center (EMC2) announced today the launch of Energy INsights. A first-of-its-kind statewide program, developed in collaboration with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), to use artificial intelligence (AI) and data science to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability for Indiana manufacturers.

Energy INsights is designed to engage with at least 100 manufacturing companies across Indiana to integrate the I4.0 Accelerator solution powered by AWS that can gather data from legacy factory equipment and energy management systems, using AI/data analytics, to further optimize energy efficiency. The result is projected to be a reduction in energy costs of between 8-20% depending on the factory’s current efficiency of operations. Participating manufacturers expect to see improvements in their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores, an important benchmark for maintaining and attracting customers and investors.

To support the program, the IEDC has approved $5 million to provide grants to participating manufacturers that will leverage investment made by AWS and its industry collaborators. This funding will ensure no financial cost for most small and medium-sized Indiana manufacturing companies to participate in Energy INsights and implement its advanced computer and sensor hardware and AI and data science software tools at their factories.

“As the most manufacturing-intensive state in the nation, Indiana is leading the way with innovative technology solutions that will keep our industries globally competitive for years to come,” said Dave Roberts, executive vice president of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at IEDC. “Energy INsights will further position us as a leader in innovative ways to reduce energy consumption, tell Indiana’s energy story and assist our manufacturers in reaching their overall ESG goals.”

“The State of Indiana’s programmatic approach to roll out a state-funded I4.0 solution which can increase energy efficiency and improve manufacturing efficiency across the state can definitely keep the manufacturing customers competitive,” said Pugal Janakiraman, principal, Global Business Development – IoT at AWS.

The IEDC, ESN, and EMC2 have been working with AWS for more than a year to develop the Energy INsights program which was rolled out on a pilot scale in the fall of 2021 with two Indiana companies, Amatrol and Fort Wayne Metals. Continued rollout planning is in progress with participation from Cummins. Program participants will have advanced sensors installed on their factory floors that collect and transfer data to an AWS account owned by the participating company. Once on AWS, the data is stored, analyzed, and modeled using AI tools, and reported back to the company through a digital dashboard that can be used to inform operational and purchasing decisions that can reduce energy costs.

“I am an enthusiastic supporter of this project,” said Paul Perkins, president at Amatrol Inc. “The Energy INsights pilot is enabling Amatrol to unlock energy usage data from our operations and providing real-time insights that will reduce our energy costs over time.”

Energy INsights will be managed and implemented through a partnership between ESN and EMC2. The Emerging Manufacturing Collaborative Center (EMC2), is a new state-of-the-art facility, allowing innovators, startups and manufacturers to advance research and development and 21st century skills training in smart manufacturing. EMC2 is located in the 16 Tech Innovation District in Indianapolis. The two non-profit organizations plan to work with AWS and other industry partners to conduct outreach and engagement with Indiana manufacturers, enroll interested companies, train and assist with implementation, and track and report on their progress. Emphasis will be put on working with small and medium-sized manufacturing companies that are often hit hardest by rising energy costs and face challenges meeting increasingly more stringent sustainable energy requirements from regulators, investors and end manufacturers (OEMs).

“Energy is a critical input for Indiana manufacturers and the cost of energy has been going up for the last decade,” said Paul Mitchell, president and CEO of ESN. “The good news is that IoT AI revolutions have provided tools and insights that can bend the energy cost curve and help manufacturers adapt to the global push for clean energy.”

“The Energy Systems Network and Amazon Web Services Energy INsights program represents a unique and rare opportunity for businesses to work with leading OT and IT providers in order to bridge the OT-IT divide and begin to harness the power of Industry 4.0,” said Kent Anderson, chief operating officer for EMC2.

All Indiana manufacturing companies are eligible to participate in Energy INsights. There will be no cost for most small and medium-sized companies. Large manufacturing companies may be required to match costs (not to exceed $25,000) based on annual revenue.

Indiana manufacturers interested in enrolling or learning more may visit the website:

About Energy Systems Network (ESN)

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