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The Emerging Manufacturing Collaboration Center (EMC2) is a cross-sector, state-of-the-art manufacturing innovation facility and lab in Indianapolis, IN, that enables members to design and deliver cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. EMC2 provides manufacturing space, infrastructure, capabilities, and practitioners for companies and entities looking to advance their products and production processes.

Advanced Communications LAB (ACL)

The Advanced Communications Lab (ACL) is a first-of-its-kind demonstration 5G testbed and advanced communications lab, providing a practical innovation environment to industry, government and academia. The ACL is a public-private partnership and provides range access, R&D, technical support, thought leadership, independent technology assessments, and identification of novel/dual-use applications across a variety of industries.

hypersonic ground test center (HGTC)

The Hypersonic Ground Test Center (HGTC) will be the first-of-its kind facility in the U.S. to accelerate hypersonic development and operations for the U.S. military’s competitive advantage and strategic stability. HGTC will be a production-focused and industry-led facility, closing critical technology gaps and advancing the development of the next generation of propulsion capabilities. The facility will leverage the efficiency of having all test capabilities, including Mach 3.5 to 7.5, in the same location.

westgate one

Westgate One is a new microelectronics campus being constructed to accelerate the growth of Indiana’s semiconductor industry. Westgate One is in partnership with the DoD through the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) to advance American-made microelectronics. The 10-acre campus will be a combined effort with industry, government, and academia partners to increase microelectronics supply chain resiliency and promote design innovation.

Non-traditional tests & assessments

Non-Traditional Tests and Assessments identifies and assesses the utility of technologies that specifically address urgent warfighter needs by capturing the clients’ mission requirements and gaps. The assessment process accelerates the transition and integration of capabilities by evaluating the accessibility and readiness level of technologies through technical and operational assessments within the environment of intended use.